Financial controlling

Financial controlling is a major steering and coordination tool that serves to support a company's management. Thanks to your monthly analyses, you can keep a tab on the key figures at all times. Not every entrepreneur understands the key operating figures of his/her company. We can help you interpret your figures and assess your company's current financial situation. On request, we can also provide assistance and give you specific pointers on how to boost your company's profit.

Do you have a penchant for technology and wish to keep a tab on your company's operational developments using your iPad®? Make sure you let us know and we will be happy to make the monthly business analyses available in a format optimised for mobile end devices.

Our services:

  • provision of comprehensive monthly operational analyses
  • monthly financial control report / mobile financial control report
  • preparation of sales and earnings plans with  comparisons between the budgeted and actual figures
  • online provision of analyses (in Datev Unternehmen Online®)
  • preparation of mobile analyses (for your iPad®)
  • analysis and interpretation of operational analyses
  • general business management advice to improve the performance of your business